How To Clear a Blocked Tear Duct

If you are experiencing watery eyes, there is a chance you are suffering from a blocked tear duct. Characterized by full or partial obstruction of the tear drainage system, a blocked tear duct can be the result of various phenomena, such as incomplete development of the duct, age, inflammation, or eye infections or injuries; alternatively, it may present as a side effect of certain medications or therapies. The condition is also very common in children, particularly newborn babies. An untreated blockage can be highly uncomfortable and render the tear duct vulnerable to infection and damage.

Thankfully, several potential remedies exist to combat a blocked tear duct. Our oculoplastic surgeon, P. Lloyd Hildebrand, MD, FACS, has corrected this particular condition for countless patients. After performing an initial examination to determine the severity of the issue, Dr. Hildebrand can choose the correct treatment to clear the blockage, ease your discomfort, and restore your ocular function.

The following treatments can clear a blocked tear duct:

If you believe you are suffering from a blocked tear duct, it is essential that you consult an ophthalmologist right away. Early detection of the problem can encourage quicker relief and reduce the risk of complications. For more information, please feel free to contact New Eyes today.