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If you’ve noticed some changes in your vision, and are concerned you may have cataracts, this 5-question quiz can help determine if you might be at risk. However, to get the most personalized and accurate assessment, it is important to schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced eye doctor.

1. Have you noticed a “halo” effect around lights?

2. Is it difficult to see while driving at night?

3. Do colors appear to be dull?

4. Are you seeing “ghost” images or experiencing distorted, blurry vision?

5. Have your eyes become more sensitive than usual to light?

    Thank you for taking our quiz. Please review our Scorecard Guide to help determine your risk for having cataracts.

    Scorecard Guide: One point is given for every “Yes” answer.

    Your Score:

    • 0-1: Symptoms for visually significant cataracts are lower.
    • 2-3: Symptoms for visually significant cataracts are moderate.
    • 4-5: Symptoms for visually significant cataracts are higher.

    Disclaimer: We strongly recommend scheduling an eye exam with an experienced eye doctor to identify the root of any changes or concerns to your vision or the health of your eyes, even minor ones. Your quiz results do not serve as a medical diagnosis.

    Schedule Your Cataract Exam

    If you would like to meet with one of our highly-trained eye doctors to discuss your risk for cataracts, please call our office at (702) 485-5000 to schedule your consultation.

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