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Our team at New Eyes is passionate about providing you with the latest technology in the realm of ocular health. That being said, we are excited to offer the EVO ICL™, a highly sought-after treatment for mild to severe myopia (nearsightedness). To learn more about this advanced option and find out whether you qualify, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our skilled eye surgeon, Emily Schorr, MD.

What Is the EVO ICL™?

The EVO ICL™, or “Implantable Collamer® Lens,” is an FDA-approved vision correction tool manufactured by STAAR® Surgical.* Designed to reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses, the EVO ICL™ is placed behind the eye’s iris and in front of its natural lens in a relatively quick, minimally-invasive procedure. In the hands of a qualified eye doctor, the EVO ICL™ can vastly enhance quality of vision and reduce the severity of refractive errors, including myopia and astigmatism. Additionally, the EVO ICL™ can provide an excellent alternative for those ineligible for LASIK surgery, such as patients who suffer from dry eye syndrome.*

What Are the Benefits of the EVO ICL™?

The EVO ICL™ was developed with optimal efficiency and patient comfort in mind. Its multitude of benefits include:

The EVO ICL™ is generally best suited for patients between the ages of 21 and 45; however, everyone’s individual needs vary, and Dr. Schorr will be able to determine the best treatment for you after an in-depth consultation.

What Does the EVO ICL™ Procedure Entail?

The minimally-invasive EVO ICL™ procedure usually does not exceed 20 minutes in duration. Prior to placing the lens, Dr. Schorr will administer numbing eye drops to limit pain during treatment. From there, she will create a small opening at the base of the cornea and gently insert the lens into your eye.

You will be prescribed additional eye drops to aid in healing. For safety, we ask that you have a family member or loved one drive you home. Patients often notice an improvement in their vision as soon as the treatment is complete.

Ready to learn more about the EVO ICL™? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Schorr today.

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