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Many doctors start a practice with the best intentions of providing good service, great results, and a pleasant environment for patients, staff, and doctors alike. In August 2008, cataract surgeon Helga F. Pizio, MD and New Eyes set out to become an exception to the current “factory-mentality” rule of healthcare. We started New Eyes on the premise that it is very possible to provide patients the best personalized experience and results in advanced medical and surgical eye care.

Medical eye health checks and refractive examinations are most appropriate for your local neighborhood optometrist. Optometrists have four years of graduate school and are well-trained to detect and treat a wide variety of eye conditions as well as to prescribe and dispense glasses and contact lenses. New Eyes specializes in coordinating closely with your optometrist and providing the next level of medical and surgical treatments for the eye.

At New Eyes, our goal is to provide you with the absolute best in care by combining the skills of our doctors, the latest in technology, and the best in personalizing your patient experience. All of our procedures are completely customized to your individual needs, which helps ensure you attain the best possible results. We offer a comprehensive range of vision correction options, as well as treatments for many common eye conditions. The team at New Eyes invites you to peruse through our website and become more familiar with our experienced eye doctors and the many procedures we offer. If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation here at our practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

This physician and her staff provide excellent care with personality. Have never been treated better.

Kathy Twiddy

November 28, 2016


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