What is SMART Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Pizio operating the femtosecond laser

Dr. Pizio operating the femtosecond laser

The primary focus of cataract surgery is to remove a haziness in vision related to the cloudy changes in the eye’s natural lens. In the past, cataract surgery was primarily a way to avoid blindness. Techniques, equipment, and intraocular lenses (IOLs) in cataract surgery were less advanced and often yielded unpredictable visual results. Most patients after cataract surgery were resigned to wearing glasses full-time, especially patients with conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Today at New Eyes, we use advanced “SMART” Cataract Surgery technology to increase the accuracy of cataract surgery and greatly enhance the visual outcome. This means not only improvement of vision after cataract surgery, but also the potential freedom from being dependent on glasses or contact lenses.

Accurate visual results require accurate incisions. Traditional techniques to remove a cataract utilize instruments and blades held by hand. In SMART Cataract Surgery, incisions are made by the femtosecond laser. This technology has revolutionized our ability to precisely make the incisions in cataract surgery which means increased safety, increased stability for the lens implant, and more accurate correction of astigmatism. Using a femtosecond laser with SMART Cataract Surgery results in better visual acuity without glasses after cataract surgery.

Dr. Helga F. Pizio

On our next blog, Dr. Pizio will talk about Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA), the next step in refractive Smart Cataract Surgery. ORA scanning laser makes the critical measurement to help select the intraocular lens implant that offers the best possible vision after cataract removal. If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation here at New Eyes, please contact us today