Cataracts Videos

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Cataracts: Overview

Cataract Surgery: Introduction

What is a Cataract? Dr. Pizio Explains

Cataracts: Symptoms

Cataracts: Is It Time for Surgery?

Cataract Surgery: Laser

Cataract Surgery: Traditional Vs Laser

Cataract Surgery: Benefits

Cataracts: Patient Testimonial

In Surgery Measurements

Is there a manual procedure to remove a cataract?

How is the Femtosecond Laser Used in
Cataract Surgery?

How Do You Remove a Cataract? Dr. Pizio Explains

Cataract Surgery to Eliminate Glasses:
FAQs with Dr. Pizio

Cataract Surgery: Monofocal IOL

Benefits of Manual Cataract Removal with Dr. Pizio

IOL: Introduction

IOL: Multifocal Introduction

What is a Multifocal IOL?

IOL: Monofocal Lens - Overview

Toric Lens: Introduction

Monovision: Overview

Astigmatism: Overview

Bonus Astigmatism FAQs

Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism Correction

Four Refractive Conditions

What are Lens Implants?

Cataract Consent: Summary

Cataracts: Informed Consent

Yag Laser Capsulotomy

Refractive Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery to Eliminate Glasses

Cataract Surgery: Post Operative

Cataract Surgery: Post Operative 2 (symptoms)

Cataract Surgery: Post Operative 3 (glasses)