How Effective Is Corneal Crosslinking?

Active Mature WomanIndividuals who suffer from a weakened cornea due to keratoconus can often benefit from an innovative treatment known as corneal crosslinking. This delicate procedure can strengthen the cornea to preserve vision and prevent the progression of keratoconus and corneal ectasia — but how effective is corneal crosslinking? Thankfully, when performed by a cornea specialist like Dr. Ksenia Stafeeva, corneal crosslinking can be extremely effective. Most patients are very happy with their results, and do not experience any further progression of corneal ectasia or keratoconus. In the rare event that keratoconus symptoms persist, a second corneal crosslinking treatment should be able to inhibit future progression of the condition. Although corneal crosslinking usually reduces the need for a corneal transplant, it does not prevent patients from being considered eligible for the procedure, if they choose to move forward with a transplant at a later date. Dr. Stafeeva works with each of her patients to determine the best course of action — based on the severity of the keratoconus, she can create a customized treatment plan that ensures any corneal issues are controlled in as few procedures as possible.

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