New Eyes Expert: Pterygium – Causes and Treatment

As part of our Ask the Expert series, New Eyes corneal specialist Dr. Ksenia Stafeeva discusses a common corneal growth called a pterygium. Dr. Stafeeva addresses the common causes, symptoms, and treatment options to address a pterygium. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a pterygium?

Ptergyium Video Animation

Why does pterygium occur?

Ptergyium Treatment Animation

What are common symptoms of pterygium?

How does pterygium reduces vision?

How do you diagnose the pterygium?

What are my options for treatment choices?

How surgery is performed?

What is the standard surgical technique?

Are there sutures involved to secure the graft?

What are possible complications that occur after the surgery?

If you have a pterygium or another corneal condition, contact our office to schedule an examination with New Eyes corneal expert Dr. Stafeeva.